Easily Resolve Outlook 2007 Error 0x80040115 in Windows 7

Have you ever encountered 0x80040115 error in Outlook 2007? In this modern world where most of the conversation is done through mails and technology is also evolving day by day, one of the upgraded email management application is MS Outlook 2007. It has certain good features however PST file corruption in this Outlook edition cannot be ruled out and sometimes due to several causes error 0x80040115 appeared . Whatever the reason behind displaying this error it really annoy users, also affects Outlook performance and you will not allow of sending and receiving mails. In this type of instances you even lose the access of other stored PST file on windows 7 system and feel helpless. Many also look for effective solution for resolving this issue. Do not worry there is solution available to overcome from this situation that is discussed later.


Can outlook 2007 error 0x80040115 be Resolved through Scanpst.exe

There is inbuilt utility provided by Microsoft that is well known as Scanpst.exe(Outlook Inbox repair tool), it is inbuilt solution through which you can repair initial level of corruption occurred in PST files. It comes by default during installing application which you can run from its default location for repairing of corrupted PST data. if you think that this inbuilt utility helps in repairing then your thinking is wrong and unfortunately Scanpst.exe fails to repair severe corruption.

Know Why Scanpst.exe Fails

Scanpst.exe able to repair some basic type of corruption occurred in outlook rather than repairing high level corruption. It cannot deal with oversize PST file and thus crashes. Its repairing process is also very slow and sometimes scanning get stopped after some steps. If scanning performs then you receive incomplete files and there is many parts of file missing. Thus it is better to look some other third party solution for repairing of damaged PST file.

Scanpst.exe Gives Some Errors in various situation

It is apparent by going through above Scanpst.exe drawbacks that it is not able for fixing serious damaged occurred in PST items therefore it generates some errors too when it fails to repair damaged files and there are some errors shown below

“Scanpst.exe fails to find file”

“Scanpst.exe freezes, and it cannot operate”

“Scanpst.exe have been deleted”

Hence, you have to look for best alternatives which successfully removes all the limitations of Scanpst.exe and Outlook PST repair software is effective third party solution.

Use Outlook PST Repair Software instead Scanpst.exe

You can use Outlook PST repair software to fix Outlook 2007 0x80040115 error in Windows 7 conveniently. It is the effective tool for repairing of corrupted PST data which not only repair the corrupted file but also retrieves the repaired file efficiently. It can repair each type of damaged occurred whether it is severe. It repairs PST files irrespective of their size and then recover files with an ease. Its process of restoring the file is very fast and you cannot wait too long for getting your file back.

This Outlook PST repair software is the perfect solution for repairing of corrupted PST items which can recover even deleted files. It offers advance scan method which makes recovery of file very simple. It first search the entire system for damaged files then perform scanning effectively and ultimately start restoring of repaired files. It also gives the option for viewing recoverable items through its preview and there is also facility to save the recoverable file at your desired location. It is very easy to use that a user having no technical knowledge can use this tool without any problem. It supports almost every version of Windows like vista, Windows 7, 8 and also compatible with all Outlook edition. If you want trial of this software then its demo version also available which you can download however this trial version does not permit you to save recovered files. Therefore for permanent storing of items you should use its licensed version.

Salient Features of Outlook PST Repair Software

  • Repairing of corrupted PST file : PST file recovery is accomplished once the successful scanning process is completed. After the scanning it effectively retrieves all email items into a new PST. The restoring includes each type of information which presents in Outlook data such as emails, journals, notes, tasks, calenders etc.
  • Oversize file repaired by splitting : It usually experience with PST file that whenever file reaches size limit to maximum then there is inaccessibility occurred in it. But with the use of Outlook PST repair software you can easily repair oversize pst file. It is also capable of recovering all of the information regarding these bulky files in efficient manner.
  • Restores from password protected PST : Outlook offers for securing of user data through password protected feature. This feature is very useful in terms of privacy f because no body will know about the data inside the file. Outlook PST repair software even repair these password protection through successfully bypass the encryption and then perform recovery of these password protected PST.


How Outlook PST Repair Software Performs Recovery

Step 1: At first you will have to download Outlook PST repair software and install it then launch this tool. Clicking on “Start” will start the scanning process once the PST file is selected.

Step 2: Now you see the progress bar which gives the information of scanning process. Once pressing the “Stop” will stop this process.

Step 3: Then you can preview recoverable items list which is located on left pane. When you select an item from left then it will be appear in the right.

Step 4: After that you need to save repaired item which can be performed through pressing the “Save Repaired File” icon which is located in the center, and you will get this icon below of Menu bar. Now select the file format of repaired data and then choose the location for saving these files by “Browse”.

Step 5: Now you see again a progress bar which shows the saving process. Clicking on “stop” will stop the saving.

Step 6: At last after the end of saving process you will get a confirmation message that represents the process completion and finally you need to click on “OK” button to exit the software.