Best Way to Fix Outlook Unknown 0x8004060c Error

Are you receiving 0x8004060c error while sending mails in Outlook? If you want to resolve this issue then there is solution provided below. This unknown error quite disturbing for you because it is not going to allow sending , receiving of mails any more from your account. Whenever this error occurred it blocks the activity related to Outlook or even Outlook account also becomes inaccessible. This error can occur due to different reasons and creates panic for you. So, do not panic and look for possible way to fix outlook pst error and try to get back outlook data which is lost because of this error.

What is Actually Outlook Unknown 0x8004060c Error

Sometimes, in order to send and receive mails there would situation arises when you fail to perform these task in Outlook and get unknown 0x8004060c error and usually while the time of accessing the PST files start showing error messages in Outlook as following.

Task Email Address – sending and receiving reported error (0x8004060C): unknown error code 0x8004060C”.

Task ‘Microsoft Exchange Server – Receiving’ reported error (0x8004060C): ‘Unknown Error code 0x8004060C’”

Often this error can caused whenever PST files exceeds their maximum limited size and many other various reasons might be responsible for this error. No matter whatsoever reason behind this error it is annoying for you. This erroneous condition can be caused in all Outlook platforms whether it is 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016. It creates inhibiting condition in sending, deleting or receiving mails and there may be losing of important PST files. It makes disturbing situation because your outlook perform abnormally and hamper the overall activity. Thus it is extremely important to resolve this errors issue and also recover lost PST data.


Reasons Behind Arising Outlook Unknown 0x8004060c Error

There could be many reasons behind above mentioned error but some them are discussed below

  • Due to PST file crosses its default size limit.
  • When there is synchronization issue with files.
  • While crash occurred in Exchange server.
  • Outlook file get corrupted due to virus attack.
  • When Inbox and sent items of Outlook file full.
  • Due to header corruption in file.
  • If Outlook application not performing properly.
  • When OS does not work in proper way etc.

Symptoms/Consequences When this Error 0x8004060c Occurred


  • Lose the access of PST files or save data.
  • Your operating system responds slowly.
  • Unable in receiving, sending and deleting mails.
  • Whenever you access any item then Outlook displayed different unknown errors etc.

Is it Possible to Fix Unknown 0x8004060c Error Manually

If there is Outlook unknown 0x8004060c error arise while the time of access of any PST items then for repairing these files there is Microsoft Inbox Repair tool is available that is also known as the name of Scanpst.exe. It is already get installed while the time of installing Outlook application. You can start this inbuilt repairing tool through default path or download it by Official website of Microsoft and can perform basic repair of files as following

  • First you need to start Outlook at safe mode by Outlook/safe.
  • Then reduce the size of PST file with deleting unwanted data through items folder or you can create a new PST file.
  • Now you need to split large PST items to small for reducing the size of file.
  • If you see virus attack in file then Scan the PST and can also perform scanning to the whole system.
  • At last with Scanpst.exe you will have to repair PST files.

Why Manual Repair Process Fails

As Microsoft Inbox Repair tool is capable of solving only basic header corruption in Outlook file thus when there is corruption of high level occurred in files then it is failed to repair. It is not able to resolve the issue of large file therefore incapable to fix unknown 0x8004060c error. Many times Scanpst.exe is failed in order to find the errors available in files and show no error however Outlook display errors messages. Therefore it is not recommended to rely on this inbuilt repair tool for the repairing of PST files and look for other third party Repair tool .

How Outlook PST Repair Software Fix Unknown 0x8004060c Error

For the complete solution of above mentioned issue there is need of third party repairing tool and Outlook PST repair software is correct tool to resolve this problem. It repairs each kind of damaged occurred in PST items and also capable of repairing various Outlook versions such as 2007,2010,2013,2016 etc. It has embedded with latest technology of scanning which can scan oversized files efficiently and thus easily fix Outlook unknown 0x8004060c error. It offers recovery in just few clicks after the scan and thus Outlook PST repair software is efficient tool for recovery of damaged Outlook files which overcomes all the drawback of Scanpst.exe in nice way.

Outlook PST repair Software is effective tool for resolving all kind of damaged occurred in Outlook items. It can restore various attributes of Outlook after repairing and able to repair even encrypted or password protected PST files. Its latest scanning mechanism able to scan oversized Outlook data within in few minutes and retrieves them in original state effectively. It also offers for viewing of repaired data by preview and then saving of repaired items in specified destination and thus for evaluating its functioning you also download its demo version which scan, repairs damaged data too but not allow to save repaired items in desired location. Hence you can purchase its licensed version to fix Outlook unknown 0x8004060c error successfully and store recovered files for desired use. It is the complete tool for efficient recovery irrespective of reason behind PST corruption.

Prominent Features of Outlook PST Repair Software

  • Recovers any type of damaged PST file after scan effectively.
  • It also repairs encrypted or password protected files easily.
  • Restores all Outlook attributes include of emails, tasks, remainders, contacts, attachments etc.
  • Retrieves accidental erased emails too.
  • It is capable of recovering encrypted PST files.
  • Easy of handling this tool because of friendly interface.
  • Repairs oversize Outlook file.
  • It supports Outlook different versions such as 2003, 2010, 2013 and 2016etc.

Working of Outlook PST Repair Software

Step 1: You need download Outlook PST repair software first and install it. Choose the damaged PST file and click to “Start” button.

Step 2: Then you can see the scanning process through progress bar which can be stop on pressing on “stop.

Step 3: Now there is list of recoverable file appeared on left pane of window. Once choosing the item you will see its preview in the right.

Step 4: Then select middle option “Save repaired file” in terms of saving the repaired items. Choose the desired destination from “Browse” through pop up appeared.

Step 5: Now saving process can view through progress bar too. Once selecting “Stop” can stop the process.

Step 6: After the process of saving ends then confirmation will be shown through message. Finally press “OK” button and exit then access the file.