Easy Way for Resolving Error 0x80042108 in Outlook

Are you getting frustrated because of 0x80042108 error in Outlook? Then for resolving this issue, you are at the right place. Although Outlook contains good characteristics, however, PST files in Outlook are also prone to corruption and sometimes error occurred in these files. The 0x80042108  error commonly arises while sending, replying emails in Outlook. Once this error is displayed on your system while accessing PST data or sending, forwarding, replying emails then you are not allowed to perform this above-mentioned task and also makes other previous saved PST items inaccessible. Although this error is very disturbing, that is why there is a need to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Many think it is a very tough task to get rid of this issue, but they do not have to worry because it is possible to fix Outlook 0x80042108 error with an effective manner.

Know About Error 0x80042108

0x80042108 is a  common Outlook error which occurred when users want to send, reply, forward, and receive emails and in order to save any PST file. This error is basically a type of SMTP errors using Outlook edition like 2007 and when this error arises when you may receive a certain error message like

“Sending the message (080042108) the operation is timed out waiting for the response from the sending (SMPT) server”

it simply creates many hurdles for you. So, it is very important to resolve this error immediately to make your Outlook perform smoothly. there could be many causes behind displaying 0x80042108 error, some of them are discussed later.

Causes behind Error 0x80042108

  • When there is SSL enabled on the system for an email account.
  • While some Internet security programs, Firewall or other Anti-Spam Adware get installed in a system.
  • Due to corruption in PST files.
  • When Outlook installed improperly.
  • If there is corruption in registry data of Outlook.
  • The incorrect way of update or installation of MS Office etc.

What are Possible Symptoms/Consequences of Error 0x80042108

  • SMTP emails will not be sent and received.
  • Outlook behaves abnormally.
  • Does not allow to access or store PST items.
  • You would not able to start or run Outlook.
  • Restricts various tasks in Outlook such as storing contacts or scheduling tasks etc.

Will it is Possible to Fix Error 0x80042108 Manually

There are some measures which you should implement as a first step for resolving error 0x80042108 manually that is described below.

  • There is an inbuilt Inbox repair tool provided by Microsoft. You will have to use this inbuilt repair tool for repairing of corrupted PST file which is automatically get installed in your system after the installation of Outlook.
  • This error occurred due to improper configurations of the system or incorrect registry settings. So, in such case, you might resolve the problem through the use of registry cleaners.

But all these steps required technical knowledge to use and thus you will have to take help from third-party software for resolving this error.

Reasons for Manual Method Failure

In many scenarios, the above mentioned manual method becomes fail to resolve the various problems because inbuilt repairing tool is only helpful in some basic cases and it fails in resolving damaged in PST files. You will also get that when the size of file crosses its size limit then Scanpst.exe crashes and unable to repair those large items. It failed in finding errors most of the time thus Scanpst.exe cannot fix error 0x80042108. In such conditions there is need of an effective tool which makes repairing of damaged Outlook data possible and in terms repairing corrupted PST items, PST Repair Software is perfect tool that resolves the problems and also makes restoring of repaired items in an effective way.

Why There is a Need to Use Outlook PST Repair Software

Since the damaged caused through errors which cannot be resolved manually and implementing the above manual process is not going to help you out anymore. Therefore it is necessary to use the efficient tool, that provides complete repairing and also retrieves lost PST items, then Outlook PST repair software is an effective solution which is able for repairing each type of damaged occurred in Outlook files easily. It can repair oversized PST file easily and recovers them in the original state. It offers interactive interface which can be used easily by a novice too and also gives facility for repairing files which are even protected through a password or encrypted. Outlook PST repair software has the ability for fixing the error 0x80042108 and retrieves the lost Outlook file back again. Hence, this repairing tool provides recovery of corrupt PST data and successfully replaces the drawbacks of the inbuilt repair tool.

Some Amazing Characteristics of Outlook PST Repair Software

  • Recovers each kind of damaged Outlook items within few clicks.
  • It contains advanced scan algorithm that makes restoring of data very easy.
  • Retrieves accidentally erased PST files.
  • Restores attributes such as tasks, notes, journals, calendars, contacts of Outlook effectively.
  • It is a safe and reliable tool for repairing corrupted PST items.
  • One can see recoverable data by its preview after repairing.
  • You can save recovered file in the desired location.
  • Recovers emails through the feature like mailbox recovery.
  • It is compatible with almost every edition of Outlook whether 2003, 2010 and 2013 etc.

What is the working of Outlook PST Repair Software

Step 1: Download Outlook PST repair software first and install it then launch it for the repairing of damaged PST data. you will have to select PST files then click “Start”.

Step 2: After that the scanning process begins that can be seen through progress bar which will be stopped if you click “Stop”.

Step 3 : Now you can view the recoverable data list in left side of a window. Once selecting an item will show its preview in the right side of the window.

Step 4 : You need to click middle “Save Repaired File” icon that is located below of the menu bar. Choose the appropriate format of the repaired file then select the desired destination for storing by “browse”.

Step 5 : Now saving process of items will be shown through progress bar and if you click “stop” button then the saving process will stop.

Step 6 : Finally you will see a message dialog box once the process completes and click OK. Lastly, you can access the recovered file.