Way To Solve Scanpst Fatal Error

Microsoft Outlook is an amazing software for keeping the details. Most of the person uses it to fulfill their several works as they use it for remembering their appointments and meetings. Microsoft Outlook can also be used for keeping notes, email messages, journals, calendars and for doing many more things. It is very useful for business purpose also. But sometimes it happens that when the Outlook user works on it, they have to face several issues like they can not solve the problem that occurs because of a large size of data or file corruption due to immediately shutting down of Windows. When you see the error message “The file can not be opened. Error 80040900 has occurred”, it means that the size of your PST size is more than 2 GB. Sometimes it also happens that the user forgot their password due to upgrading the file. Microsoft Outlook provides several inbuilt tools to overcome all these types of problems. Inbox Repair Tool or scanpst.exe tool is also an inbuilt tool which is used to repair damaged PST file.

Limitations of scanpst.exe Tool

scanpst.exe tool can repair and fix the corruption issues of PST files but not in each and every condition. When the file is severely corrupt, the scanpst.exe tool is not capable of repairing the corrupted PST file. There are several limitations of scanpst.exe tool in which some of them given below :

  • Scanpst.exe tool tries to repair corruption for correcting errors but it might be failed to perform complete recovery of PST files.
  • It can not repair the file while it is larger than 2 GB.
  • When Outlook is upgraded, it can repair the PST file header but it can not repair the data contents and it causes a lot of data loss.
  • When unexpected errors occur and it prevents access to the file then the scanpst.exe tool cannot repair the file.
  • Unable to repair password protected files.

Common scanpst.exe Errors

There are several errors that occur in Outlook in which some of them can be repaired by scanpst.exe tool but big issues like data are corrupted because its size is too large or location of data has been changed then scanpst.exe tool not enough to solve the issues. Some of the common errors that scanpst.exe tools cannot solve are:

  1. “The scanpst.exe tool does not recognize the file abc.pst….”
  2. “Scanpst.exe not responding”
  3. “scanpst fatal error: 80040900”
  4. “The file is unable to access because a file is oversized ”
  5. “Unable to access the folder. The file xxxx.pst could not be accessed”
  6. “The file xxx.pst cannot be accessed. Data error”


Best Alternatives to scanpst.exe

While the scanpst.exe tool is not comfortable to solve all the errors of PST files then Outlook users need such a best tool that can solve all the errors of PST files. Outlook PST Repair Software is such a kind of software that can handle all the issues of the Outlook. It is the best alternatives of the scanpst.exe tool.

There are many conditions in which Outlook PST Repair Software is proven best than the scanpst.exe tool as like:

  • If the scanpst fatal error: 80040900 occurs then the scanpst.exe tool cannot solve but Outlook PST Repair Software can split the large data and solve the problem.
  • When virus allows not to open the PST file than Outlook PST Repair Software can remove the infection of virus and free the PST files but scanpst.exe file can’t do this.
  • When the emails are corrupted, a scanpst.exe tool cannot bring it back but Outlook PST Repair Software can do.

About the Software

Outlook PST Repair Software is the best software to handle all the problems of PST files. It is a strong tool because it uses the advanced algorithm to solve the issues. When the Outlook is upgraded and because of upgrading there are so many problems occurs but this software can solve all the issues easily without harming any of the data. It is very compatible with all the versions of Outlook along with Windows. While the size of PST files is more than 2 GB, then also this software can solve the problem and save the file from corruption. When your email messages are not available on the file and it has missed by any reason and you can not able to achieve your important messages than this software can make you able to get it back with the help of its latest technology.

Software Features:- Split, Password Recover & PST Repair

Outlook PST Repair Software is very beneficial for solving all the issues related to PST file. It has so many features that save your file to be lost in which split, password recovery and pst repair are the great features of it :

Splitting:- When the PST file is larger than 2GB then the error 80040900 occurs. There is no any inbuilt tool that can handle this situation. Scanpst.exe tool fails to solve this error than the Outlook user should have to use Outlook PST Repair Software. This latest software can solve the problem of larger files. This tool uses a split method and split the larger files into smaller ones and solve the problem.

Password Recovery:- Outlook users give uses characters as their PST file password to protect them from unauthorized access but sometimes they forget the password due to an upgrading of the PST file. That time they panic to get their file back. Outlook PST Repair Software has the feature of password recovery and it can help you to achieve your password protected file.

Pst Repair:- Outlook PST Repair Software uses the advanced algorithm to repair the PST file. When your PST file is corrupted while your Windows was shutting down instantly and because of any hardware and software problem, you can retrieve your PST file with the help of this software. When you can not able to open your essential appointments, email messages, notes and other important things that you have saved in the PST file then it is the indication of corruption of the PST file. Outlook PST Repair Software can solve all the corruption issues and make you able to achieve them back.


How the software works : 

To work Outlook PST Repair Software smoothly on your PC, you should have to follow some of the rules that have given below :

1. At first, you need to download and install the software successfully.

2. When you start the program it will show you a ‘Select Outlook Data File’ dialog box.

3. Click ‘Select Outlook File’ under the dialog box.

4. To begin the scanning process, click on ‘START’ button.

5. Checkmark the recoverable items which you want to recover.

6. To save the recovered file click the ‘Save Recovered File’ button.

7. Specify the destination path to save the recovered file. Click the ‘OK’ button.

When Outlook PST Repair Software will recover all the selected items successfully, you will achieve your all data items at your given destination path.

Thus, Outlook PST Repair Software can solve the scanpst fatal error: 80040900 easily. It can also repair password protected file and the corrupted file.