How to Fix olmapi32.dll Error

Olmapi32.dll is the file that helps in smooth running of Microsoft Outlook application. This file contains data to complete an assigned task safely. It is referred to as messaging application programming interface (MAPI) because olmapi32.dll file provides a messaging interface to the client application. This allows the users to send and receive emails easily and smoothly. But when this file has corrupted or damaged, several olmapi32.dll errors have occurred. You are not able to see your desire emails and get the failure to send or retrieve emails. You have missed all the messages or emails in which some of them are very important. There is no matter which version of Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016 you have used, you can get the problem of corrupting your emails. But no need to worry because you can get back all your lost messages by using the third party software. Using third-party software you can fix all issues related to outlook pst.

Error Messages of olmapi32.dll file

When your outlook not working properly, you might be seen some of the following error messages:

  • “The olmapi32.dll file is not compatible with Microsoft Outlook.”
  • “The file olmapi32.dll is not compatible with Microsoft Office Outlook. Install Outlook again.”
  • “error messages in a small box: olmapi32.dll”
  • “olmapi32.dll file is missing.”
  • “olmapi32.dll has a wrong version”
  • “olmapi32.dll security warning vulnerable”
  • “olmapi32.dll caused an outlook crash.”


Common symptoms or problems of the olmapi32.dll file

There are several symptoms of a corrupted olmapi32.dll file as like :

  • Sometimes it happens that you run your Outlook and instantly you see that you are not able to send or receive emails or you are not capable to see all the emails that you had stored. Your application freezes or crashes automatically and that time you panic to see your data again.
  • When you open Outlook, you see several error messages like not supported the version or the file is missing and many more.

Error Causes

When you want to cure your olmapi32.dll file then at first you will have to know the causes of the errors. There are several causes because you see the error messages. Some of them are given below:

  • The deletion of the olmapi32.dll file
  • installing the wrong version of an olmapi32.dll file.
  • Files are corrupted because of virus attack.
  • Incomplete installation of the file
  • hardware and software failure
  • due to the heaviness of data

Ways to solve errors manually

When you see that the olmapi32.dll error messages have occurred, you can try to solve it manually.

  • You can restart your Windows in safe mode. Locate the olmapi32.dll file and rename it and install Outlook again.
  • You can also solve your olmapi32.dll file’s problems by using Add or Remove Programs of the Control Panel.
  • You may need also make changes in a registry to solve the errors.

Outlook PST Repair Software

Olmapi32.dll errors are common to come in every version of Outlook whether it is 2007. 2010, 2013 or 2016. If you want to remove these types of errors and get back your all messages and solve your olmapi32.dll file problems you can also use Outlook PST Repair Tool. This tool is very helpful to solve these errors. This tool can easily repair corrupted olmapi32.dll file because it uses the latest techniques to solve errors with an advanced algorithm. Outlook PST Repair Software can repair every type of corrupted files. It can repair oversized outlook PST files and also your all appointments, messages, notes, tables of the PST files.

Some of the basic features of Outlook PST Repair Software are :

  • It can repair PST files which are larger in size.
  • It uses the advanced algorithm to repair corrupted PST file.
  • This software can also repair virus corrupted file.
  • It can also repair the olmapi32.dll file which is password protected.
  • It can recover all properties of emails like subjects, To, From etc.
  • It can also recover messages, appointments, notes, calendars etc.
  • It can restore the attachments and images embedded in HTML.

User Guide:-

While using Microsoft Outlook, you have to face several common errors and need to repair your file. Outlook PST Repair Software is such a software that is used to solve all the common issues that you see on the screen. To use Outlook PST Repair Software, you need to follow the following steps:

1. Download and install Outlook PST Repair Software successfully

2. Start the program from the desktop shortcut

3. ‘Select Outlook Data File’ dialog box will appear. Click ‘Select Outlook File’.

4. Click on ‘START’ button to begin the process.

5. When the scanning finish, you will get the list of recoverable Outlook items.

6. Checkmark the boxes to select the recoverable Outlook items.

7. Click the ”Save Recovered File’ button.

So, you see that olmapi32.dll file errors are common and it might be damaged your file but you can solve your error problems manually or by using Outlook PST Repair Software instantly.