How to Fix Outlook 0x00040820 Error: Top Awesome Method

Did you want to fix Outlook 0x00040820 Error quickly? Are your all saved PST files get corrupted from the Outlook application? Is your Outlook application is regularly showing error or warning message when working on the PC screen? Have you faced the issue of the slow working of an Outlook application? If you are getting these issues then you need to fix Outlook 0x00040820 error? If yes, then you don’t worry about them because we have the best solution. We also recommend an amazing tool to quickly repair Outlook error. Thanks…



About Outlook Application:

The Microsoft organization has well developed and designed Outlook application. This application gives the best features like send or receive emails, browse web pages, calendar, send attachments, and many more things also. Due to its best features, it is also called a stand-alone application. The user can very quickly note and read journals. But, while browsing Outlook application then the user will regularly getting error or warning message. Thus the user can’t properly operate the application and also the error message will display on the screen.

About Outlook 0x00040820 Error:

Outlook 0x00040820 Error is one of the Outlook error which will receive by the user when they are trying to send emails. Basically, the experts have expressed that, if the size of Outlook PST gets oversized. Thus the user will not operate an Outlook application because it regularly showing error or warning message. In most of the case, this Outlook error was found in the Outlook 2002 version. Actually, the main reason behind this Outlook is due to not deleting emails or PST files from Outlook. That’s why the user will not able to do any task on them.

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What is the Common Error Message of Outlook 0x00040820 Error?

An Outlook 0x00040820 Error is one of the Outlook error which mainly occurs in Microsoft Outlook 2002 version. We have encountered its error message which will deliver on the PC screen:

  • “Task Microsoft Exchange Server reported error (0x00040820): Errors in background synchronization. In most cases, further information is available in a synchronization log in the Deleted items folder.”

The above will verified the user that, the error message is coming from Outlook 0x00040820 Error.

How to Fix Outlook 0x00040820 Error?

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If you want to fix Outlook 0x00040820 error then we recommend the user to download Outlook PST Repair Tool. This tool is an automatic recovery tool and also very helpful. Does it offer its trial version where the user can easily check that it is working or not? But, the user must be required to download the full version of this tool to get instantly repair Outlook error on the system.

Top Features of Outlook PST Repair Tool:

Outlook PST Repair Tool has few symptoms that helps the user after downloading this tool. Check out below features of this amazing tool:

  • If can very easily repair deleted emails from the Outlook application.
  • The user can very easily repair Outlook PST File which has corrupted due to virus or malware attack.
  • If in case, the user regularly getting an error or warning messages then in that case, they must need to download it. It can instantly fix Outlook error on the system.
  • This tool also compatible with other outlook versions like Outlook 2000, Outlook 2002, Outlook2003, Outlook 2007, and Outlook 2010.
  • The supported Windows operating systems are Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows XP and Windows 2000.


An Outlook 0x00040820 Error is one of the Outlook error which will receive by the user when they browsing or working on the Outlook application. This Outlook error will occur on the system when Outlook PST file gets oversized. So, the user doesn’t require to worry about this application. We want to recommend the user download Outlook PST Repair Tool to get instant fix Outlook 0x00040820 Error.

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