Fix pst cannot be opened Outlook 2013 error message

Now in this era Microsoft Outlook 2013 is the latest version of MS Outlook application and is widely used by most of the users. For many organizations, Outlook is very important because of the easy sending and receiving of emails. User can easily manage the saved data files and can also keep the contact of the beloved. Microsoft Outlook 2013 also allows you to import any contact from social networking sites. this can be used for sharing same address book and calendars. Outlook 2013 has many features that make it a powerful application.

Besides these features, Microsoft Outlook 2013 PST files cannot be opened. This error message is displayed while opening Outlook 2013. Outlook 2013 stores all the elements in .pst and .ost files. But the corruption in Outlook 213 makes all the emails and other folders unavailable for the user. And the user can not open those corrupted emails and files elements.

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There are many reason that will let you know Why “PST cannot be opened” error message is displayed while opening Outlook 2013.

1. Failure of data storage file such as hard disk or drive crash etc.
2. When you are accessing the pst files and if power failure occur that may result to cause pst corruption.
3. Your pst files may also get corrupted when original files are lost that makes the pst files incomplete.
4. When Outlook 2013 pst files cross the size limit that also causes corruption in PST files and displays “PST cannot be opened” message.
So in this situation user is unable to open pst files and displays some common error messages. You can fix error in Outlook 2013 using Inbox Repair tool also known as Scanpst.exe. As this tool is in-built is MS Outlook 2013 and is able to fix such error and repair it.

Steps for the use of Scanpst.exe tool

1. Run the Scanpst.exe to repair the errors. In order to run Scanpst.exe manually follow this step:

Exit the Outlook safely search for the hidden files setting is enabled in your files option or not.
Click on “Start” button and then click “Find and search” and then the location of your files.
To open the program double click on Scanpst.exe files
After that to locate the pst files click on”Browser” files.
Click on “Start” button. Scanpst.exe tool start to scan
Finally click OK.

2.After you had run the Scanpst.exe tool follow these steps to repair those files.

Select the pst files that you desire to repair.
On View menu click on Folder List to open folder list view.
In the folder list you will get calendar, contact, Inbox etc recover folders list. And then create new pst files in profiles.
Drag the files from the Lost and Found folder to your pst files.
After completion of moving all the items, remove pst files from your profiles.

3. Recover those repaired files from backup files

From the folder of original pst file locate .bak file and make copy of it.
Save the files with new names with .pst extension
Import the newly created files using import and Export Wizard in Outlook.
But in many case this inbuilt repair tool fails to recover corrupted data pst files. There is alternate option to fix this error. Use pst repair tool to get rid of this problem.

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