What to do To Solve pst19upg.exe Errors

MS Outlook provides several inbuilt tools to solve the common issues of Outlook. There are several causes of occurring errors in your PST files. Outlook users give the password to their files to keep them safe. So that other user can not enter to the file and harm it. But sometimes they forgot their password of PST files and when they try to open the PST file, it doesn’t give permission to open the file without a password. Pst19upg.exe is one of the inbuilt tools that is used for password recovery. This tool is very helpful in getting back your data which is password protected. It helps to make your files password free to access your files easily. Pst19upg.exe can solve the issues that come because of the password of the files but all the times it doesn’t support to solve the problems. It is not compatible with every version of Outlook. You might use Outlook PST Recovery Software to recover password and make the PST file accessible.

Limitations of pst19upg.exe file

There are several limitations of pst19upg.exe because of this inbuilt function does not work in certain situations. Some of the limitations of the pst19upg.exe file is the following :

  • Not compatible with every version of Outlook
  • Unable to retrieve password protected files.
  • Unable to access lost or forgotten password.
  • Does not support Unicode format of Outlook.
  • Fails to respond in some cases.

pst19upg.exe Errors

Basically, pst19.exe tool designed to upgrade the PST older version but the new file generated by the tool is free from password protection. Causing this, the file can corrupt. When your PST files are corrupted and you are not able to see the file which you have locked by giving them password then you see the pst19upg.exe error messages. The pst19upg.exe software can also recover the password which you have lost or forgot after upgrading the file but not all the time. It might be shown some of the following errors like :

Failed to import PROPERTY LIST

Failed importing PROPERTY 36E41102 (scode: 80040600)

Failed importing FOLDER 0x00000122

Program terminated in error (80040600)

About PST Repair Tool

Outlook PST Repair Tool is very useful to solve the problem of Outlook PST files. When you forgot your password of PST files, you can recover your password protected files by this software. To overcome the problems of pst19upg.exe file, this repair tool can be used. It removes the limitations of the pst19upg.exe file. It can solve all the issues of PST files of every version of Outlook. It can repair all the corrupted files of Outlook. Outlook PST Repair Software uses the latest features to solve the errors. It is common to come to the problem in Outlook whether it is because of a larger amount of data or forgot your password of PST files, Outlook PST Repair Software has a very important role to overcome all the corruption situations.

Software Features

There are lots of features of Outlook PST Repair Software that helps in solving the corruption issues. It is very useful software that helps a lot to the Outlook users. Some of the Outlook PST Repair Software features are given below:

  • It is compatible with all the versions of Microsoft Outlook.
  • It is also compatible with all the versions of Windows.
  • It can enable you to access the file which is password protected.
  • This software uses the latest techniques of PST repair.
  • You can access the emails that you been lost because of many reasons.
  • You can also access your appointments, calendars, notes, journals that you have almost lost.
  • You can repair virus infected files by using this.
  • Outlook PST Repair Software can be used to restore the images and attachments embedded in HTML.
  • It can also repair the PST files which larger than 2 GB.

User Guide

Generally, Microsoft Outlook users have to face problem while they send and retrieve emails or open their password protected files. Sometimes their file is larger in size then also they face a problem or sometimes windows shut down instantly because of power failure and when you open the window, you missed your file. In all the given conditions and many other conditions of PST corruption, Outlook PST Repair Software is used.

To repair the corrupted PST files, you need to follow the given below steps :

1. Download and install Outlook PST Repair Software successfully to solve your corruption issues.

2. Start the program from desktop shortcut.

3. A ‘Select Outlook Data File’ dialog box appears. Click ‘Select Outlook File’ under the ‘Select Outlook Data File’.

4. To begin the scanning process, click on ‘START’ button.

5. While the scanning process is complete, you will get a list of recoverable Outlook items like contacts, email messages, appointments, notes etc.

6. To select the recoverable items, checkmark the recoverable items.

7. Click the ‘Save Recovered File’ button to save the recovered files.

8. Specify the destination path for the recovered files.

9. Click ‘OK’. 

10. It will show you the destination path and the Recovered File Size, while the files are successfully saved.

Thus, you can see the that pst19upg.exe tool is used for upgrading the PST file and also PST Password Recovery but it has so many limitations. That’s why you can use the third-party software that is Outlook PST Recovery Software and can solve all the issues of your PST files.