How To Resolve 0x8004011d Error Of An Outlook PST File

Are you unable to connect with your Outlook Email Server? Are you getting 0x8004011d error while connecting to the Outlook Email Server? Are you unable to access your Outlook PST File due to the occurrence of Outlook PST file? Are you unable to read your important emails? If you are facing these problems then you have come to the right place where you can easily find the solution of your problem where you can easily get the solution to your problem. Here is a complete guidebook for you to easily resolve 0x8004011d error of an Outlook PST file in an easiest and possible way.

About 0x8004011d Error :-

MS Outlook is one of the best and most popular applications which is basically used for sending or receiving mail purposes. This application also helps to save your important documents like contacts, notes, emails, journals, calendar entries etc. For most of the Outlook tasks, you need to connect with an email server. If there is any problem happens while connecting to the Outlook email server then you might have to face 0x8004011d error. 0X8004011d error is one of the most common errors of MS Outlook that occurs when you fail to connect with your Outlook email server. It is a hexadecimal form of Outlook error that generally occurs when you try to connect with the server by pressing an F9 button. When you try to reconnect with another synchronization and cancel the process then it will display the following error message on the screen:

“Server is not available: Outlook error 0x8004011D”

The corruption or error related issue in MS Outlook may happen at any time. Due to 0x8004011d error, you will have the problem in running the Outlook application. It is a major error that must be resolved immediately otherwise you may lose all your saved data due to this error code. The most common reason behind the occurrence of the 0x8004011d error is Windows system malfunction or due to some problems in MS Outlook. To resolve 0x8004011d error manually then you have to follow these procedures :

  1. Repair Office with latest Office setup
  2. Install the latest service pack for Office
  3. Restart the Exchange Server
  4. Run the following utilities on the Exchange Server: Eseutil/d defrag, Eseutil/p for repair, Isinteg-S Servername-test all tests
  5. Create a new Outlook profile with new settings

But before creating a new profile in Outlook you first need to create a backup copy of the Outlook data because if you face any accidental Outlook data loss situation then this backup copy will help to recover lost, damaged and deleted Outlook emails, contacts, notes etc. But sometimes backup fails to restore the data then it becomes necessary to use a Scanpst.exe tool. It is an inbuilt repair tool which is provided by Microsoft in order to deal with the issues of an Outlook PST file. Let us explore some more information about Scanpst.exe tool.

About Scanpst.exe Tool:-

The Scanpst.exe is one of the most popular repair tools that help to deal with the corruption-related issues of an Outlook PST file. It comes attached with the Outlook application and automatically gets installed with the installation of it. This tool is specially designed to fix corruption-related issues of an Outlook PST file. It first examines the corrupt PST file and then repairs them with proper scanning. But it is very difficult to locate the following tool because it is hidden somewhere in the Outlook application. So to use the Scanpst.exe tool you have to first locate the following tool by enabling the hidden file option. And the location of Scanpst.exe also varies according to the versions of Outlook.

As Scanpst.exe is an effective tool but it has some limited capability and can only repair minimal corruption-related issues. Due to some limitations, the Scanpst.exe tool fails to work on the corrupt PST files and unable to resolve 0x8004011d error completely.

Limitations Of Scanpst.exe Tool:-

It can only repair the basic header corruption but can’t repair the whole broken PST file. That is why it is considered inefficient on Outlook issues.
It can’t recover the complete data as it loses some part of the data while recovery. It is unable to keep data while the complicated process of the data recovery.
It is unable to repair those PST files that are larger than from 2 GB.
It is unable to repair severely corrupted Outlook PST files.
It can’t recover password protected data of PST file.

The corruption-related issues also occur in Scanpst.exe. When the Scanpst.exe tool get corrupted it completely become froze and does not respond. It fails to work on the corrupt Outlook Pst file and throws numerous annoying messages on the screen. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Common Scanpst.exe Errors That Throw When It Get Corrupted:-
  • Scanpst.exe entry point not found
  • Scanpst.exe not responding during repair
  • Scanpst.exe hangs on repair
  • Scanpst.exe stuck at phase 7
  • Scanpst.exe says a file is read-only
  • Scanpst.exe an unexpected error

Though Scanpst.exe is not a trustworthy tool to resolve 0x8004011d error of an outlook PST file so you need an advanced Outlook repair tool that will help to resolve the following error and make your Outlook application ready to use. The Outlook PST Repair Software provides an easy to use interface by which you can easily resolve any type of Outlook error. Let us explore more information about Outlook PST Repair Software.

About Outlook PST Repair Software:-

The Outlook PST Repair Software is specially designed to repair damaged Outlook application. It effectively repairs the corrupt PST files and makes it accessible for you. It not only repairs the damaged PST files but also helps to resolve any type of error messages that have occurred in PST file. It properly scans the corrupt PST file and repairs it completely. It can recover the data from different Outlook objects like emails, notes, journals etc and saves it at its desired location. It is compatible with all the versions of Outlook as well as Windows. It has numerous remarkable features that provide satisfaction to its users by giving best and impressive result.

Features Provided By Outlook PST Repair Software:-

Recover password protected PST files:- This software efficiently repairs and recovers data from a password protected file.

Split Outlook PST file according to its size:- This software splits the oversized PST files into smaller one so that you can prevent your file from corruption.

As Scanpst.exe is also a helpful tool to deal with the problem of Outlook PST file but it is not so effective and is not capable to resolve the problem completely. Outlook PST Repair Software is the best tool that will easily help to easily resolve any type of issue of an Outlook PST file.

How To Use Outlook PST Repair Software:-

1. Download and install Outlook PST Repair Software in the system

2. Select the PST file you want to repair and click on the “Start” button for the scanning process

3. It will show its scanning process in the progress bar. If you want to stop the scanning process then click on the “Stop” button

4. After the scanning gets completed it will show the list of recoverable files. You can preview your file here

5. Then click on “Save Repair File” button. Choose the format, then select the desired location and click on OK button

6. Repaired files being saved at its desired location.


7. Exit the application.

Then follow the User Guide and easily resolve 0x8004011d error of an Outlook PST file.