Resolve Error 0x80040201 Easily in Outlook

Do you want to fix error 0x80040201 in Outlook? There are various situation when Outlook respond improperly and generate some error code. 0x80040201 is one such common error in Outlook which appeared when user wants to send mail using Outlook account. It affects Outlook performance and user even loses the access of other stored PST files in Outlook. It really creates panic situation for user thus it is necessary to eliminate this issue. Many people think how to fix 0x80040201 error and find themselves helpless however, there is no need to worry because it is possible to overcome from this problem.

About Error 0x80040201

If you are Outlook then you are familiar with 0x80040201 error, which usually occur during sending mails in Outlook. Error 0x80040201 appears due to incorrect setting in SMTP, when enabling fire walls and virus scan program, once maximum size limitation of PST file exceeds, while installing the Outlook add 0n etc. So, if you are receiving error message such as

Sending’ reported error (0x80040201) : ‘Unknown Error 0X80040201’

during sending/receiving mails then there is possibility you may lose the access of important PST file. Thus you should look for resolving 0x80040201 error and make your Outlook perform in better way.

Could it be Possible to Resolve Error 0x80040201 through Scanpst.exe

Outlook application contains and inbuilt repairing utility that can be used for repairing of corrupted PST data in Outlook. This inbuilt utility is called Scanpst.exe, which has ability for resolving the basic level of corruption in PST file. Since, inbuilt repair tool is hidden program that is why you need to enable the ‘Show hidden file or folders’ option on your system. So, follow the given steps which are given below for repairing

  • For opening of Inbox Repair Tool in computer, click to Scanpst.exe file.
  • you have to Locate the corrupted PST file and you need to specify file name.
  • In order to start the process of repairing , Click at “Start” option.
  • Ultimately, for ending the procedure, click to “OK” option.

But unfortunately this tool failed to repair severe corruption in PST files.

How Scanpst.exe Failed to Resolve Error 0x80040201

This inbuilt tool (Scanpst.exe) not only fails in terms of repairing severe corruption in Outlook PST file however there is various limitations while using Scanpst.exe in order to repair damaged file including it cannot able to repair oversize PST file, unable to find errors most of the time, chances of data loss while repairing, crashes when there is severe damage in PST file. Hence, in such condition you will have to use effective third party tool for successful repairing, that overcomes these Scanpst.exe limitations easily.

Some Common Errors of Scanpst.exe

When Scanpst.exe unable to repair the corruption in PST file then sometimes this inbuilt repair tool gives errors which is as following

“Scanpst.exe not found”

“Scanpst.exe is in use by another program”

“Scan PST fails with error 80040806”

these above mentioned errors are the clear indication that Scanpst.exe not capable for repairing damaged files in Outlook. Thus with the use of Outlook PST repair software you can conveniently resolve the serious corruption in PST files.

Outlook PST Repair Software for Resolving Error 0x80040201

Outlook PST repair software is the most innovative and latest tool for the repairing of corrupted PST file. It repairs the PST file irrespective of size and restores these files in original state. It can repair any kind of lost file in Outlook. It makes recovery of data possible within few clicks. So, if you become frustrated through looking the above mentioned error in front of computer then do not worry because with the help of this amazing program you can conveniently repair those damaged file in Outlook.

It supports various Outlook edition like 2013, 2010, 2007 etc. Outlook PST repair software is capable of recovering every type of lost PST file whether it is deleted intentionally or unintentionally. It is embedded with advance scanning methodology which makes the recovery of PST file very simple. It gives an option to store the repaired data in your desired location. It has user friendly interface that makes it so easy to operate for the recovery of PST file.

Some Main Characteristics of Outlook PST Repair Software

  • Repairs corrupted PST file : Outlook PST Repair software first of all accomplish the process of repairing through scanning of entire damaged PST file then It retrieves the recoverable file after the scanning completes. One of the very good facility provided by this software is that after the repairing process completes then you can save the repaired files in your desired destination.
  • Retrieves from password protected file : it is very important to protect your file with password in order ensure the safety of file but there are circumstances when you might lost these password encrypted file. Many other repairing program needs password for the recovery of these files and the situation become worst when you forgot the password. Fortunately this program offers recovery from password protected file which provides to get back file again in original format.
  • Split the oversize file during recovery : One of the problem related to Outlook is that once the file exceeds its size limit then it start creating trouble and there is need to repairing these large PST files . Outlook PST Repair Software provides splitting to these large files into small managed file and then recovers easily without losing any data.

Outlook PST Repair Software works as Follows

Step 1 : Download Outlook PST repair software and install it then run this program. You need to select the corrupt PST file and you will have to click the ‘Start’.

Step 2 : After clicking on ‘Start’ option you will see the scanning process begins through progress bar and if you click the ‘Stop’ option then it will stop.

Step 3 : Then there is list of recoverable files appeared in the left side of window. Once choosing the specific file from left side will show its preview on right side of the pane.

Step 4 : After that there is need to store the repaired files where you can click to the center ‘Save Repaired File’ icon from the below of menu bar. You will also get the option to choose the file type of repaired data and there is ‘Browse’ button to store the repaired file in desired location then click on ‘OK’.

Step 5 : You can also see the storing of file which starts after selecting the location and the saving procedure can be viewed through progress bar . Clicking on ‘Stop’ terminates the saving.

Step 6 : Lastly at the end of saving process you get the pop message confirming the end of storing process. Then after clicking on ‘OK’ option exit the program. Now access recovered file from its location.