Pop Lock Or 0x8004210e Error In Outlook – Troubleshoot It In Best Way

We all are familiar about the favorable features of MS Outlook, it’s multitasking capability is the reason which made it mostly used e-mail client service in the world. But there are certain conditions which can stop you to access it’s all utilities along with your data. Who suffered with such condition they know it better how much panic situation it can be. You can see an Send/receive error 0x8004210e message in outlook when you try to send or receive e-mail or access any PST file, this is because of outlook error code 0x8004210e.

Initially it was said it can occur in Outlook 2003 and 2007 because of older interface but in recent years 0x8004210e is also reported in MS outlook 2010 and 2013. This error can raise issue of outlook hangs which need to be fixed soonThis is one of the common error which can be experience by user when they send or receive mails, in another words you are restricted to do so if you are encountered by this error this is why you are asked to rectify outlook error 0x8004210e soon. But it is most important to grab the possible consequences for this error in outlook, drop down to know more.

Causes Of PST Error 0x8004210e In Outlook 2010 And 2013

There are several reasons which can cause this error, and you must know about this in order to stay away from this error or any other outlook error like 0x800ccc15.

  • Because of e-mail account setting error which can corrupt PST file and cause this and other errors too.

  • Improper installation of outlook, sometimes it becomes major reason of PST file corruption and PST error code 0x8004210e.

  • Accidental deletion of PST root files, if you lose the source file you cannot access the PST file and you may have error message.

  • Malware attack, this is one of the major reason which can corrupts outlook completely and restrict you to access any of it’s utility and causes this error.

  • Operation malfunction, it may arise several issue along with the outlook 2003 error 0x8004210e.

It is not that much subtle that you cannot feel it’s presence it immediately shown it’s presence. Few of it’s symptoms are listed below, check whether you are also experiencing it or not.

Symptoms Of Outlook Error 0x8004210e : Check To Shield Yourself

If you have any doubt regarding this error you can check these symptoms to get assured, these are the most basic symptoms which 0x8004210e can employ on your outlook and system too.

  • MS Outlook cannot start, it start to hang or freeze, in short you will have issues in outlook startup.

  • Send/Receive error, it may be that you may face failure in accessing your PST file and sending and receiving data.

  • Can provoke BSoD commonly known as Blue Screen of Death and also known as alarm for danger.

  • Data loss is another symptom which can turn you panic.

  • Failure in accessing outlook features, yes this error can restrict you to access any of the feature of outlook like sharing info, managing calender, storing data etc.

All these are a signal for this error, if you are experiencing all these situations you need to take proper action against it to delete 0x8004210e error in outlook.

Fix Outlook Error 0x8004210e While Sending/Recieving E-mail By Manual Method

This is one of the most common error which is mostly reported by users, so it is a good news for such user who asked for it’s manual solution that they can remove Outlook error code 0x8004210e manually. You must be familiar with the inbuilt outlook tool scanpst.exe, this is the tool which can help you to retrieve you data for free. And on the top of that it is not tricky enough to access. You all just need to locate scanpst.exe, for this you can type it in run then select the desired PST file and run scanpst.exe to fix outlook error.

But before you proceed you should know one thing that you can lose entire data for lifetime if you run scanpst.exe to repair the file also it proved wrong many time in eliminating error completely. It never show error while outlook still complaints for that. Also you may see that it is not capable to recover corrupted encrypted and oversized files and can never retrieve deleted info. So because of all these limitations this tool is not most suitable to repair file as no body want to lose their data for the sake of recovery.

PST Repair Tool To Eliminate E-mail Recieving Error 0x8004210e From Outlook Completely

Because scanpst.exe in not suitable for this purpose you must jump onto this tool which works beyond all limitations and strictly committed to give you best result. User feel mush comfortable with this removal tool because it assures that it will not cause any kind of data loss and re-back all the info even your file is oversized or encrypted. Obviously your curiousness will be on peak to know more about this eye-popping tool. So move down to have clear view of it’s features.

Facilities Provided By PST Repair Tool Which Make It Best

  • Deep scanning: It scans from the root and find out the error and it’s cause and start the elimination process.

  • Split Oversized file: No matter what is the length of your file it can recover that by splitting that into small file but never cause data loss.

  • Create backup: As it assures to re-back you all data, it creates back-up for that and satisfy it’s promise.

  • Compatible with outlook 2010, 2013, 2003: It does not matter which version of outlook and windows you are using it is compatible with all of the versions equally.

  • Detailed log: Avail complete and detailed progress status which includes all of it’s actions taken in the recovery process.

  • Selective file recovery: It allow user to find the desired file to recover, user can select the file from the allowed ‘find’ feature of this tool.

  • Save file in desired location and desired file format: It is not strict to save file in any particular location and format, you can save your file any of the desired location and file format.

  • Repairs Corrupted PST Files: Able to repair corrupted files and eliminate the error behind the corruption from root.

How To Access PST Repair Tool To Fix Outlook Error 0x8004210e

Step1: Launch tool, ‘select outlook mailbox’ dialog have ‘select outlook file’ option click on that select Pst file and click on start.

Step2: Here it starts the process of scanning, you can have all of it’s details in progress bar.

Step3: To have preview select message in middle pane which will appear in right most pane. This occur when scanning process get completed.

Step4: There will be a button ‘save repaired file’ click on this, select repaired file and then browse to save at desired location.

Step5: At the end of the process there will be a message like this ‘repaired file saved at____’.

Step6: To finish it press the button “OK’.

You need to fix this error immediately, if you do not do so you will fail to access the file and every time you will try to do so you will have a message like this PST file not found. So do not delay in this.