Get Rid Of Outlook 2013 0x800ccc0d Error Immediately

No doubt, outlook 2013 is a latest and best versions of outlook application recently launched by the Microsoft. It is the successor version of the outlook 2010. Microsoft has removed all the demerits and limitations of the outlook 2010 in these versions of the outlook. You will get a so many best features a good interface as well as a huge storage capacity. Outlook user is getting good experience in storing files in the outlook and also in email communications. Despite having so many different features from its older versions, one thing is similar in outlook 2013 also that is outlook corruption issues. There are so many reasons which cause as outlook 2013 0x800ccc0d Error.

Let’s know in details about this error

It is a fatal error which occurs due to several reasons like, corruption in the outlook application, improper upgradation of the application, improper settings of the files, oversized issues, so many junk files, unread emails etc. along with this the software conflicting is also a big reason behind this error. But once a user sees outlook 2013 0x800ccc0d Error again they will not become able to sent or receive any emails. The error stops accessing files and creates a panic moment among the user. Most of the files will not be opened and all email will become inaccessible.

As we all know that outlook application is an all in one solution of all type of email handling and managing application, it also allows to stores users personal data files. If such type of files will become inaccessible then how much panic moment will be for a user. That’s it becomes necessary to fix the error as soon as possible to again access the pst files.

The error will be shown as ” The server could not be found. (Account:account name, POPserver:’mail’, Error Number: 0x800ccc0d).”

How To Fix Outlook 2013 0x800ccc0d Error?

To fix the error there are two ways either you choose the manual method or automatic method. To perform the manual error fix method you need to be an expert for Fix and must have sound knowledge about windows registry.

Manual Method To Fix The Error?

There are some steps which are needed to be followed in order To fix the pst error. The steps are given below:

  • Check Your Email Account Settings: Verify your email account setting and be sure that it is correct.

  • Disable Virus Scanner Integration: When virus scanner integrates themselves with the outlook application it causes as Outlook 2013 0x800ccc0d Error message and makes you unable to send or receive emails.

  • Issues with add-ins: As same as the virus scanner, add-ins also integrates itself with outlook and create such type of errors.

  • Check your firewall settings: Windows firewall is allowed to block incoming and outgoing messages which also causes as send or receive error messages. And configure your firewall settings again.

  • Stuck message or hidden read receipt: The messages which get stuck while sending, then it stops the upcoming messages.

  • Check Data Store Integrity: If there is a problem with the storage location or if the path does not found then the email will not be received.

Hence, it is a lengthy process and time taking process that’s it this process, that’s why it is not preferred by experts to perform to fix Outlook 2013 0x800ccc0d Error type of outlook errors. The manual process is also risky, if you do not have sound knowledge about windows registry then your outlook application, as well as your pst files, will become corrupted.

How to fix the error automatically?

To fix the outlook 2013 error automatically, a team of expert software developers has developed a powerful tool named as PST Repair Tool. It is a best and advanced tool which has so many powerful features and is fully based on the latest techniques. Developers have used so powerful scanning algorithms in the tool. It scans your outlook folder at the deep level and brings all corrupted and inaccessible pst files back. With the help of comprehensive features of the PST Repair Tool, It becomes very easy to fix all type of outlook 2013 including Outlook 2013 0x800ccc0d Error. You will not find out such type of powerful software anywhere in the market. Recently, the developers of this tool have upgraded the algorithms if this tool with 30% more advanced scanning algorithms which performs up to 30% more faster.

Free Download PST Repair Tool

You need not pay for the tool to use it. The demo version of this tool is now available for free evaluation you may easily free download it and use to repair your corrupted pst files. The free versions of the tool are provided by the experts to make you aware of its powerful features and interactive user interface. With the help of this tool, even a novice user can easily repair their corrupted pst files. The software has so many powerful features.

Salient features of the tool:

PST Repair Tool is loaded with so many sophisticated features that make it better than the other tools. The tool scans your outlook folder at the deep level and finds outs all of the infected files in a new folder. You are allowed to pause the scanning process to see the recovered items and again you can resume the process. The tool allows you to short the recovered items and also allows to recover the selected files. You can easily save your files in emails and other files in your desired format like, RTF, EML, PDF, etc. The tool is compatible with all versions of outlook application including outlook 2013 and is the best solution of Outlook 2013 0x800ccc0d Error. The tool easily runs on windows 7 and 8.

User Guide – How PST Repair Software Works?

Step 1: A button as “Select Outlook Mailbox” will be shown in the 1st interface of the software. Click and browse the folder which is to be repaired and then click on “start”.

Step 2: A process bar will show the scanning process. You can stop the process by clicking on “Stop” Button and resume it again.

Step 3: In the left panel the recovered items will be shown and when you will click on it the content of the file will be displayed in the right panel.

Step 4: Select the file to save and choose the location to save the files and format then click on “OK”

Step 5: A process bar will run that will show your pst files are being saved. You are allowed to stop the process and perform it later.

Step 6: At last you will see a message that your files has been saved with the description of the files.