Resolve Outlook 2013 errors Using PST Repair Tool

Outlook 2013 is launched with so many latest features It has the new brand look. It has been designed to help you focus on what’s important with a clear view of emails, calendars, and contacts. It starts with your email account. From there start working with emails, turn it into task or appointments, and stores the people contact so, you never have to remember an email address or phone number.

Errors in Outlook 2013

1. Microsoft Outlook 2013 error message “cannot open the outlook window. The set of folders can’t be opened. The information store can’t be opened”

2. Error 0x8004010F in Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013 Mailbox data item is stored in PST file. Sometimes an error is encountered while accessing the data items from outlook mailbox. Outlook error code is a general MAPI error code and is generally encountered in MS Outlook 2013 at the time of synchronizing an offline address book, during send/ receive operation downloading files or if files are incorrectly configured etc.

Steps to fix error code 0x8004010F :

First of all track, the exact location of your default 2013 data file and thereafter follow the steps given below to create a new outlook profile :
1. Just track the location of the default outlook 2013 file
2. Click on Show Profiles within the Mail SetUp – Outlook dialog box
3. Choose the current outlook profile and click on properties
4. Click on data files within Mail Setup- Outlook Dialog Box
5. Within the Account Settings Dialog box, select data files tab and you can view the name as well as a location of your default outlook data file.

3. Outlook 2013 error 0x800ccc13

“0x800ccc13” error message occurs whenever you try to send an email message by using a POP3 account or an IMAP account in an Outlook profile that has an Exchange Server 2010 mailbox configured.

How does Error Occurs:-

When you connect to Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 mailbox by using MS Office Outlook in online mode. You need to add an additional POP3 account in the same outlook profile. You create an email message that includes an attachment and you select POP3 account as the sender and try to send the email message. The email message remains in the outlook and you get the error message.

Manual Solution to Fix the error:-

In the manual solution, you need to start the outlook in a safe mode. Starting Outlook in safe mode prevents some or all add-ins from being loaded, prevents several settings file from being loaded and turn off the reading pane. How to start Outlook in Safe mode is mentioned below in step by step process.

  • Windows XP – Start Outlook with the “safe” switch
  • Start?Run ; outlook.exe /safe
  • Windows Vista and Windows 7 – Start? type ; outlook.exe /safe 
  • Windows 8 – Start Screen ?type ; outlook.exe /safe 
  • If it works in outlook safe mode, the issue is most likely caused by an add-in, a corrupted settings file or the first message that is displayed when outlook is started.

Recommending PST software

Generally, the manual method fails to work in most of the cases. In that situation, it is highly recommended to use a third party tool known as PST Repair tool which is the highly effective tool which repairs all the damaged PST Files. Let us discuss the features of PST Repair Tool:-

Software Features

  • Repairs corrupt PST including all the files like emails, attachments, journals, notes etc.
  • Repairs PST files larger than 2 GB
  • Supports MS Outlook 2016, 2013 , 2010 , 2007 , 2003 , 2002 , 2000 
  • Supports recovery of Lost or accidentally deleted Emails
  • Its interface is highly interactive 
  • It saves emails in different formats 
  • Supports Selective Recovery 
  • It allows saving PST file at desired location
  • It recovers from encrypted PST File
  • It provides Option to search PST
  • It creates a detailed log of all the actions performed

User Guide

Here we will describe how PST Repair Tool works:-

Step 1. The main Interface appears upon launching the application. In the ‘Select Outlook mailbox ‘ dialog. Just click on ‘Select Outlook File’ to select your PST for repair or click ‘Find Outlook File ‘ to search for PST files. Click Start.

Step 2. The Software starts scanning the selected file and shows the status in two progress bars. You can stop the process by clicking ‘Stop’

Step 3. Once the software finishes the scan, it displays all the recoverable mail folders in the left pane. Just select an email message in the middle pane to preview its contents in the rightmost pane

Step 4: Click on ‘Save Repaired File’ button on the toolbar to display this dialog. Select the desired file format to save your repaired PST, click ‘Browse’ to select a destination and then click ‘OK’.

Step 5: The progress bar shows the PST repair process. You can click the ‘Stop’ button to stop the process anytime.

Step 6: Once the process is completed successfully, you will get a message “Repaired File Saved at …”

Step 7: After following the above mentioned steps you will find that your all the PST files which were once lost or become inaccessible has been recovered and become accessible once again.