Outlook Send Or Receive Error 0x800ccc15 – Know How To Fix This Error

Being an outlook user you must have taken a number of benefits from it’s peculiar features Although it facilitates you to connect with your client or any loving person from office or home but at the same way it troubles it’s user when any kind of error like 0x800ccc15 error in outlook occurs. The most basic effect of any kind of error is the inaccessibility of PST file or must say inaccessible outlook. This is the era where most of the official work are dependent on this, so definitely it can be a bottle neck scenario because errors assures about the data loss.

Basically PST is a kind of database for outlook which stores almost everything like mails, entries, calender, messages, contacts everything. Outlook PST files access can be denied if 0x800ccc15 outlook error occur there is nothing more irritating and annoying than this. So you must know what can push up such kind of error so that you can take the required precautions in order to avoid outlook error 0x800ccc15. 

Possible Consequences Of Outlook Error 0x800ccc15

As it is said above is a terrible error which can cause permanent data loss, so have a look on what causes this error:

  • Malfunction in system operation which can corrupt outlook and can raise socket connect error 0x800ccc15 in outlook not only this error this condition is capable to raise outlook error like 0x800ccf65 also.

  • Improper installation of software or may be because of corruption in software which can encounter this error in outlook.

  • Virus attack is another big issue which make outlook prone to have such kind of errors and can also cause data loss.

  • Registry File Error can be a reason behind this outlook error, because this file contains most important data it may cause permanent data loss.

These are the possible factors which can cause this error code in outlook which demand to be fixed soon. This gives some symptoms which you can judge by monitoring basic behavior of your outlook and system too. Here are few of symptoms of Microsoft Outlook error 0x800ccc15

Outlook Error 0x800ccc15 Behavior : Judge It And Fix It

The most basic behavior of error which can make you realize that you are encountered by a severe error are listed below, have a look:

  • Outlook get freeze when you will try to start it, basically it is a start-up issue, which make it tough to deal.

  • PST file sending/receiving error can occur because of this, in-fact none of the feature like managing calender, sharing images and all other features.

  • Error message when you try to run any corrupted PST file and can also cause permanent data loss.

If you are experiencing such situation you are supposed to fix error number 0x800ccc15 outlook as it become very common have error like this so you really do not need to worry about it’s removal. There are several ways which can make your outlook error free and also retrieve all of your lost data, here we are discussing such methods, go down to make a look on that.

Manual Solution To Troubleshoot Outlook Error 0x800ccc15

Manual methods are very first phenomenon about which user dig firstly to have the solution. So this outlook error 0x800ccc15 can also be resolved by manual way if you know about scanpst.exe. If not we are here to help you. scanpst.exe is an inbuilt pst repair tool of outlook which vary it’s location from version to version of outlook. So if you are looking to recover corrupted PST file with scanpst.exe then you need to find out it’s location first. Then select your corrupted pst file and run scanpst.exe to fix PST file, this inbuilt tool is bounded to give you best result in earliest time.

But before you go to implement this tool to recover your legit data it is necessary to inform you that the tool you are going to employ, come with certain limitation which you must know. You are stopped like to to use this utility because it is reported that it can cause severe data loss in the process of PST file recovery and it is also found incapable to repair oversized and encrypted PST file. In such condition it may cause permanent data loss and can never retrieve delete data. This is the condition when you need to turn head towards PST repair tool: the software which can rescue you from the troubling scenario.

PST Repair Tool To Fix Error Number 0x800ccc15 In Outlook 2013, 2010, 2003

As said earlier scanpst.exe can be a bad option to repair PST file, so this repair tool is the only option which allow you to get back all the lost data in any adverse situation and simultaneously eliminate the root cause of the corruption which is basically an error. This is the tool which scans deeply, whatever the outlook version it is capable to remove error code 0x800ccc15 in outlook without awaiting you more. Now a days most of the user moved to this repair tool as they found it very beneficial from most of the aspects like there is no chance of data loss in recovery process, gives best result in very few minutes, they can make their outlook error free completely and also permanently. All these eye-popping features of this is the reason that it is growing up in the market.

Features Provided By PST Repair Tool : All In One Solution For Outlook Socket Connect Error 0x800ccc15

Definitely you will be so curious to know more about this tool, why this tool is recommended here only and why it is favorite tool for most of the users. You will get answer by going through the fascinating features of it.

  • It can repair oversized PST files also, which cannot be repaired with scanpst.exe and for most of the tool it is a tough job, other tool can cause data loss or corrupt file more in such condition but with this repair tool, you are safe.

  • Scans deeply to get the root cause of the corruption and assures you about the permanent removal of error.

  • Interactive Interface make it easy to use and also allow technically mute person to access this tool to retrieve their legit data.

  • Encrypted PST files, do not worry it can also be repaired with this PST repair tool.

  • Save PST file at desired location, you are not bounded to locate your pst file in any fixed location, you can save it anywhere you wish to do.

  • Different file format are allowed here, yes it is true this tool allow it’s user to save their data in desired file format.

  • Selective item recovery is also supported by this tool, you can select the desired file which you want to repair and run this tool in order to recover that file.

  • Compatible with Outlook 2010, 2013, 2003 almost all the versions of outlook and bounded to give you best result.

How To Use PST Repair Tool To Have Best Result : Fix Outlook Error Message 0x800ccc15 Now

Step1: Launch PST Repair Tool and click ‘select outlook mailbox’ and again click on ‘select outlook file’ then click on ‘find’ to select desired PST file and then click on ‘start’ to start the process of recovery.

Step2: In this step the software starts the scanning process. You can have it’s status in progress bar. ‘Stop’ button allow you to end the process anytime.

Step3: After scanning process it will give recoverable mail folder, you can have it’s preview, for this click on the message in middle pane which will give you preview in right most pane.

Step4: Click on ‘save repaired file’ button to save the recovered file, you can save it in any desired location by clicking on ‘browse’ button.

Step5: The process will end with the message ‘repaired file saved at_____’.

Step6: Click on ‘OK’ button to finish the process.

This is all about to fix error number 0x800ccc15 in outlook, you need to do hurry else you will have message like PST File Not Found when you try to access those files.