Outlook 2013 error olmapi32.dll and its effects on PST file

Know About Outlook 2013

Outlook 2013 is the latest version of MS Outlook. It is now a more powerful application which is used as both the email client and personal information manager. But how this 2013 version is different from its former ones? The very first thing which users will notice is the brand new GUI. The GUI has been kept simple and clean in this version. This helps the user to focus on what is important for them like emails, contacts, and calendars. The user gets a message list which provides a preview and let the user read and select any message to tackle first. The user can reply to message right in reading the section with a just single click. Commands can be used for quick action in the message list. With two buttons All and Unread, the user can focus on the messages they want. Apart from that user can view all the contacts at one place, have a quick glance at the schedule, easily and quickly switch between Outlook elements, find whatever they want, get local weather info, etc. In this version, the user doesn’t require any add-ins to connect with Outlook.com. It also provides new Site Mailboxes where a user can find all the project docs and email.

About Outlook 2013 error Olmapi32.dll

Sometimes user faces Outlook 2013 error Olmapi32.dll. When user run this application then it suddenly crashes or freezes giving Olmapi32.dll missing error. Well DLL(Dynamic Link Library) is very important system files of Windows operating system. These files contain important modules which are must for related application to run on Windows OS. Occurring of any bug or glitch in this file makes the dependent application inaccessible. Continuous attempt to execute the software fails due to the problem in the dll file. Olmapi32.dll file is Dynamic Link Library file for Outlook 2013. It contains modules and codes which is must for proper running of Outlook. This file helps in providing messaging interface of Outlook which is utilized by a user for sending and receiving of emails.

But sometimes Outlook user start receiving Olmapi32.dll error. The error can occur due to various reasons, the most common among which is the missing of dll file. It can also occur due to upgradation of Outlook which leaves dll file un-updated and hence the newer version of the application fails to recognize the older dll file. Arise of conflict in the path of OS also gives rise to this error.

Manual Solution to fix Outlook 2013 error Olmapi32.dll

If the error occurs after upgrading the Outlook then follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Close Outlook.

  • Open -> C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 15\root\office15 for 32 bit system and C:\Program Files(x86)\Microsoft Office 15\root\office15 for 64 bit system.

  • Locate OLMAPI32.DLL file.

  • If you don’t find the file then download and place it at this location.

  • If you find this file then rename it to OLMAPI32.old.

  • Repair Outlook 2013 using Add or remove programs in Control Panel.

The error can also occur due to invalid registry editing. In such cases, the user will require a software to restore the correct value in the registry.

PST Repair Software

While fixing the problems related Outlook 2013 error olmapi32.dll, the user might face damage of PST file. As the alteration of registry values, changing dll file, repairing Office have a direct impact on PST file so there are chances that the file can get damage. As the PST(Personal Storage) table is a central repository of Outlook which store all the data, so its damage could draw severe impact on the user or business to which it belongs. To repair this file user has inbuilt repair utility ScanPST.exe tool aka Inbox Repair Tool but many of the times it fails to works as expected. This tool is made to repair small and less corrupted PST file so it proves to be worthless for many Outlook users.

In such condition, users have the ultimate option to go for third party automatic Outlook PST Repair tool. Third party tool has no such limitation as like Inbox Repair Tool. It is a very powerful PST repair tool which uses a highly sophisticated algorithm to repair and recover all the inaccessible data from the damaged PST file. As like ScanPST.exe tool, it not only repair the header of the file but also scans the inner data structure to understand the error and retrieve the data. Giving the data of the PST file full priority, it never deletes a single data while repairing the file. It can be used for the extremely large as well as a severely corrupt file. Now the third party tool even supports latest Outlook 2013 PST file.

Free Download

The third party automatic Outlook PST repair tool comes in both the trial and full version. The trial version is free to download utility. It is provided for the user to check if it can repair their damaged PST file or not. It provides the preview of the data of the PST file but does not provide an option to save it. For that user will have to purchase the full version of this software. Hence the trial version is a nice way of checking the effectiveness of the tool before paying for it. Once ensured through the trial version, the user can go for the full version with full assurity.

Software features

Some of the salient features of the third-party automatic tool are listed below:

  • Repair of Damaged PST File.

  • Outlook Mailbox Recovery.

  • Deleted Email Recovery.

  • Recovers Data from Encrypted or Password Protected PST files.

  • Repair of very large PST file(larger than 2GB).

  • Select Recovery.

  • Preview of Recoverable Items.

  • Save the Repaired PST at Desired Location.

How did the software work?

The third party Outlook PST repair software works flawlessly to retrieve all the lost data from the PST file. Once the user selects the damaged PST file and press Start button, the algorithm gets active and starts scanning the whole file structure for finding errors or corruption. The software looks for the header of the data, an inner data structure of the stored file and items, checks log files, etc. In the due course, it leaves no stone unturned in understanding the error and finding the way to restore back the data from the file. After finishing the scan, users are shown the list of error which is detected by the software. The next step provides all new PST file will all data restored in it.