Outlook PST Repair Tool: Best Way To Deal With Outlook 2013 PST Errors

In todays growing world email has been become very essential part for both an individual and an organization. Ms outlook 2013 play vital role in its filed it enables its user to send or receive messages through an electronic medium. Ms outlook 2013 is the most advanced, new and updated outlook version which packed with ultimate new featured, updated functionality and latest properties which make it one of the best personal information manager. The main role of this email client application is to send or receive emails, but it also allow its user to perform and manage various outlook items such as notes, task, contacts, appointments, journal, schedule, calendar etc at one place.

Do you ever think what happen when you expected to check your Inbox or access important events on your calendar at the same time you keep receiving “Outlook 2013 PST File Cannot be Found” error. Well its not a new thing with outlook in fact if you are a regular outlook user then you might have face and know about outlook errors which occur when PST file get corrupted due to some possible reason. Since outlook 2013 only support PST files to store and manage its data files, PST files are very sophisticated and highly prone to corruption. Unfortunately there are lots of possible reasons are found in outlook that are responsible behind PST corruption such as virus invasion, system malfunctioning, application crashes, hardware failure, over sizing, corruption with PST header file, improper outlook installation or user mistake. It’s doesn’t matter which one is responsible for PST corruption issues fat is that how to fix Outlook 2013 PST File Cannot be Found error immediately. Because whenever outlook error “Outlook 2013 PST File Cannot be Found” exists till it will not allow you to perform any task on outlook. Sometime outlook become completely inaccessible due to severe corruption, so it become very essential to resolve this unknown error “Outlook 2013 PST File Cannot be Found” before something unpleasant occur in outlook.

Guide to fix “Outlook 2013 PST File Cannot be Found” manually

Since Ms already provide an inbuilt tool named scanpst.exe to resolve minor issues of outlook data file, with the help of this tool you can fix corrupted PST files. But probably you get satisfactory result from scanpst.exe, yes due to lack of strong scanning capacity and advanced techniques most of time it fails to repair corrupted PST files and end with unknown error. Moreover in order to resolve “Outlook 2013 PST File Cannot be Found” error manually all you need to perform some task such as :

  • Check is your outlook is update or not? If not then update
  • Does your outlook still work for other users on the computer?
  • Also check did it ever work or not?
  • Try to run outlook in safe mode

After following above manual methods if you are still facing same inaccessible problem or “Outlook 2013 PST File Cannot be Found” error then it is sure that PST files are severely corrupted and you need a advanced outlook PST Repair Software in order to deal with severe corruption issues and fix Outlook 2013 PST File Cannot be Found error.

Fix “Outlook 2013 PST File Cannot be Found” Error With New Outlook PST Repair Software

Normally “Outlook 2013 PST File Cannot be Found” occur in outlook due to PST corruption, in short you are left no other option to other than repair PST files with the help of advanced outlook PST repair software. This new repair software is specially design and developed with latest program logic and advanced scanning algorithm which make it more reliable, efficient, powerful and smart data recovery software. Outlook PST repair software is an ideal solution to reduce risk of corruption and limitation of scanpst.exe, using this you can easily easily deal with severely corrupted PST files, it has capacity to deal with corruption with PST header, oversized PST files, virus infected files can be also repair and recovered easily. Outlook PST repair software is the best and efficient way to fix PST Files Errors issues.

Some prominent key feature of Outlook PST Repair Software :

  • Capable to provide complete recovery of lost and deleted items
  • Involves fast and advanced scanning techniques
  • Easily deal with severe corrupted PST files and fix them in no time
  • Allow to restore and save recovered items in different file formats
  • Encrypted PST files can be easily fix and recovred
  • Provide Search option to search corrupted PST files
  • Perform scanning process in Read Only Mode
  • Allow to repair and recover selected PST files

Know How Outlook PST Repair Software Works :

Step 1 : Launch the software then Select Outlook Mailbox dialog, then click on Select Outlook File in order to select corrupted PST file for repair then click on Find Outlook to search the damaged or corrupted PST files then click on START button.

Step 2 : It start scanning process, you can see the scanning status in the status bar, scanning process can be stop anytime with the help of Stop button.

Step 3 : When scanning process finishes, it will display all the recoverable items or mail folder in the left pane. In order to see the recovery of email messages you can select any mail from middle pane and see the preview of its content in right most pane.

Step 4 : Click on Save Repaired File button which appear on the tool bar, then select a desire file format on order to save repaired PST, then click on Browse option to select a destination then click on OK button.

Step 5 : In this step you can stop repair anytime by clicking Stop button

Step 6 : In last step when progress is completed successfully, then it show a message “Repaired File Saved ..”