Learn to Fix Outlook PST 2013 error in Few Minutes

repair Outlook 2013 ErrorBest Method, How to Repair PST files from Outlook 2013

Alright, So is you suffering from Outlook 2013 Error. Don’t worry we will help you out. Just go through our suggestions, you will repair Outlook 2013 Error.

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Does your PST file of MS outlook 2013 is not responding? Are you facing the problem of sending and receiving emails from outlook 2013 ? Is your outlook 2013 showing security alert message while browsing? Do you get the error message while opening outlook 2013? Do you want to repair the PST files of outlook 2013? In this article you will get the solution to remove the problems of outlook 2013.

What is MS outlook 2013 ?

The MS outlook 2013 is a personal information manager which is developed by Microsoft. The Microsoft also a share point like mailbox share, calendars, Exchange public folders, meeting schedules, etc. The Microsoft has also released mobile application for mobile platforms, including iOS and also for Android phones. The MS outlook 2013 have some special features like Attachments link to cloud share, for groups design, for search clod, etc. This MS outlook 2013 is specially use for Email Address Internationalism for global users. The MS outlook 2013 provides the cloud sharing of folders. The one most of the important feature of MS outlook 2013 is scalable Vector Graphics for all media. It is developed in year of 2009 of 29th of March. Its main purpose to provide best facility to students.

What are Reasons of Damage of PST files in outlook 2013?

The PST files in outlook 2013 are corrupted due to some reasons. Some of the reasons are given below:

  1. Due to software related issues: If files in outlook 2013 is over overwritten with garbage data. The faulty recover tools and methods are used by computer.
  2. Due to virus attack: If some virus attack in your MS outlook 2013 then it may affect your outlook mail.
  3. Due to Wrong Shutdown of PC: If you shutdown your personal computer in bad way then it may corrupt your personal information from MS outlook 2013.
  4. PST file is corrupted by Hardware Failure: If your PC is not working properly then it may not store PST file of MS outlook 2013 in hardware.

What are error messages come when PST file corrupt in MS outlook 2013?

When your PST file get corrupt then some error messages you got. Some of the error message when corrupt PST file in outlook 2013 are given below:

  1. Your Microsoft outlook 2013 is open properly.
  2. When open my any file of MS outlook 2013 then it show error message alert like your file is corrupted , your file is affected malware, etc.
  3. When sending any email to other outlook email id’s then it show the message you can’t send message.
  4. When you open MS outlook 2013 then then it may take several minutes and at the end they can’t open them and start showing Error messages.

How to repair PST file from MS outlook 2013?

If PST files in outlook 2013 are lost then you want to regain that lost file by downloading the PST Repair Tool. This tool is most useful to recover All lost, corrupted or, damaged PST files in MS outlook 2013. This software is good to repair the lost files. This Tool is basically use for outlook 2013 , 2003, 2010, 2013, and 2016. The MS outlook 2013 is get totally repair its PST file by using this tool because this tool have small steps to recover lost files. If you need to get lost PST files from outlook 2013 then download the PST Repair Tool.

Hold On..!! Where are you going? You are not done yet!? Follow again these Steps

Personal Storage Table or PST is a kind of data container of MS Outlook 2013 and stores attachments, contacts, mails, messages an all other data of user mailbox. It is one of the most popular email client that is being used by most of the organization all over the world. Microsoft Outlook comprises of certain storage limitation with different version of MS Outlook. The older version Outlook 97, 98 2000, 2002 has file size limitation of 2 GB and cannot be increased. And in Outlook 2007 – Outlook 2016 the file size is 50 GB by default (20 GB in Outlook 2003 and 2007, not recommended to increase the file size beyond 20 GB) whenever the file size of the .pst file increases the limitation then its leads to corruption.

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It becomes important to repair .pst file and for this it is vital to know the reason behind .pst file inaccessibility. Generally it is PST failure that makes Outlook to behave abnormally. .pst file corruption is one of the major factor that creates problem. So its important to settle the problem by making it the most urgent one, reason for corruption in .pst file are:

    1. Outlook incompatibility with any other program
    1. Virus or malware infection turns PST in invisible mode
    1. Abnormal shut down of Outlook PST
    1. Bad sector on hard disk
    1. File system disaster
    1. Faulty device
  1. Oversize of PST file from its limitation

Some Outlook PST 2013 error messages are listed below:

    1. Cannot start Microsoft Outlook
    1. Import and export error
    1. outlook.pst cannot be found
  1. .pst is not a personal folder file

All the above reason result in .pst file corruption, sometimes pst file might even get overwritten by garbage data thus makes file unreadable. However if user give a little consideration while opening and closing the Outlook then it would prevent many damage.

User can follow manual steps to resolve .pst file corruption:

    1. Start ‘control panel’ and select ‘programs’
    1. Then go to ‘program and features’
    1. There select and locate ‘Microsoft Outlook 2013 and click on ‘change’
    1. Then select the ‘repair and continue’ option
  1. As the repair procedure gets completed, start the synchronization

In case it does not work then user can use inbuilt tool i.e. inbox repair tool. It comes along with MS Outlook and helps in the repair of corrupted .pst file. For this run scanpst.exe file and do scanning of corrupt .pst file. If inbox repair tool does not appear on Start menu, under Programs | Accessories | System Tools, use Start | Find or Start | Search (depending on OS). But in some situation it fails to repair the corruption because of its limitation. So in that case user must opt for professional Outlook PST Repair Tool.

This repair software has powerful algorithm that performs advanced scanning of corrupt .pst file and repair it without data loss. It also restores the integrated mail items in new PST file, in this the original file remains untouched. The software has easy to use interface and can easily be used by user.

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Step by step process of Outlook PST Repair tool

  • Download and install the software then click on ‘select outlook file’ or ‘find outlook file’ for locating the PST file.

  • In ‘look in’ search drive location where PST file could be stored

  • The software start searching for the PST files in each folder and sub folder. Then entire PST file would be shown in ‘find result’ option. In that do the selection of .pst file that needs to be repaired.

  • Click on ‘scan now’ button to start the repair process.

  • In the Outlook mail preview window the repaired .pst file are shown in left in tree like structure. You can browser and check each one of them.

  • Then do the selection of file that needs recovery and click on ‘save repaired file’ button.

  • Give the location select the saving format and location where recovered file would be saved.

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